Thursday, 1 August 2013

Okay I'm maybe the only person who remembers this...

The song referred to in the last post is this...

And here is a photo of the old lads singing it on the tv - sadly I couldn't find the legendary performance I remember as a kid. 1970 eh where's it all gone!

England team 1970 singing Back Home


  1. The B Side to Back Home was a cast iron belter: Cinnamon Stick featured Frannie Lee and Brian Labone and was, not to put too fine a point on it, a bubblegum classic. Really!

    1. Indeed I remember as an enthusiastic 7 year old buying the single. I think is was on the Pye label.

  2. This was a new one to me, but ya know, it sounds like something I've heard in a beer commercial here in the states.

    Something comforting about music from our childhood, huh?

  3. :) I was born in late seventies but...I do enjoy the sound of those times :)

  4. scary i too remember every word doh..

    saz xx