Monday, 17 June 2013

University viewing

If I hadn't killed off my old blog in 2008 I'd be able to point to posts about us looking at universities for my son.  Well we're back on that trail folks with Daughter-of-Furtheron.

We went to look at one in Canterbury on Saturday - if she does go there likely that she'll stay at home, at least for the first year.  She really liked the details about one course that they do there, it mixed PE with Sports Science and allows you some options going forward, PE teacher is one route but they have people who've gone into professional football coaching etc. off that course.

The next few weeks we have ones lined up left right and centre! 

She says she is too young to go off to uni but I remember my son looking a bit forlorn as we drove away from dropping him off at his uni the first time.  He soon cracked it and has had a great time since and done extremely well.  Oh yes we're off to his graduation soon, couple that with a three day trip to the British GP and it is a busy few weeks ahead in the Furtheron household.


  1. Congratulations to Daughter-of-Furtheron! It's a big step, and can be overwhelming...

  2. Oh good luck! At least it will be a bit cheaper if she lives at home!

  3. But then you know what she's up to ... often better not to know i feel.