Monday, 3 June 2013

Peonies in Bloom

The Peonies in our front garden have bloomed apparently indicating summer has arrived at last.  They have had large tight buds for the last couple of weeks straining to burst open but the cold have kept most of them shut.  A couple did come out early only to be battered by a rainstorm.  I think they are so colourful and lovely flowers - I'm not much of a flower person but the peonies have a place in my heart as their blooms are so beautiful but so fragile too, a rain shower or too strong wind and they are gone beaten to sodden pedals spread on the floor.  Too often they bloom for such a short time as our fickle British weather changes so quickly that they get destroyed quickly.  Hopefully with a sunny week forecast they may get a longer innings this year.

Here are a couple of pictures of them


  1. I love peonies! Actually thinking of planting some in our garden. We have one space left that still needs planting, and I've been thinking of either peonies, rhododendron or something like that.

  2. As my mother would say
    " a lovely show"

  3. I love peonies! The hubs won't let me plant them too close to the house because he says they draw ants...but I think they're worth it.

    Yours are stunning! Enjoy them


  4. Oh so lovely, amazing color, I also have peonies but only white and pinkish....

  5. absolutely beautiful color! erm..... i mean "colour"!