Saturday, 1 June 2013


Have you ever worked somewhere where the culture is long hours and "presenteeism"?  If so you may well have heard the oft said jibe, "Part-timer", at a colleague leaving either early or more likely just simply after they have worked their hours for the day.

Well for me now this is actually the true case and not a jibe.  As of today I'm 0.4FTE - to use the official term at my employer.  I only work for them now for two days a week.  This is all in planning for the course I'm starting in September.  I'm firstly going to do some jobs about the house i.e. paint the back of it, put a new roof on the old kids wendy house etc.  In Sept I start the course and I also therefore want to look potentially for some voluntary work where I may be able to exploit the skills I hope to be gaining, accepting of course that I can't do proper 1 on 1 clinical work or anything like that for a long time.  So from now on I'll only be in the office Tuesday and Wednesdays most weeks, occasionally I might move that about, especially early on as things got booked that I'm needed at before people knew my new work pattern.  Part of me is all excited about the change and happy to not be on the daily grind of the commute 5 days a week.  Another part of me is all worried about money and whether I'll be any good at the course and whether anyone will offer me any work in the new career etc.  Although all told I'm remarkably relaxed about it all considering.

This weekend we're off to a relative of my wife's wedding do.  Then tomorrow I'm at a AA convention all day.  Glad that the better weather has finally arrived even if it still doesn't really seem warm enough etc. for June.


  1. It'll be an adventure! I can understand the money concerns, but it'll likely sort itself out just fine. Hopefully you'll be too busy and learning to worry too much about it.

  2. You'll be great whatever it is! Have you told us what you're doing or have I just missed it?!

    Welcome to the part-time world. Almost as good as being retired.

  3. Congrats on the PT work and the upcoming course. It sounds like a positive, although a bit frightening, change for you.

    Have fun at the AA convention - I have been to the last two here and plan to keep at them. It's quite the spiritual experience.


  4. This is a thrill. The biggest changes in life are job-related. It's not a small matter.

    What is a Wendy houese, pray tell?

    Regarding the post above. Do you cultivate the peonies or are they wild? My yard is pure Darwinism. The strongest survive. If it's the weeds, then it's the weeds.

    1. Wendy House is a small wooden playhouse in the garden like a small shed.

      Cultivate might be a bit strong :-) we planted them some time ago. ;-)

  5. Congratulations! This is a big step, but also indicative of one who is quite serious about doing something meaningful with his life! Inspiring, sir.

    Oh, and thanks for the explanation of a Wendy House. i had guessed that it was what we call a "play house" here in the U.S., and that seems to be the case!