Sunday, 26 May 2013

Rush at the O2 24 May 2013

Well there was a gig that had it all!  First a delayed start as there was a fox that needed to be extracted from the auditorium. Then hardly any change from a 3 hour set! Three drum solos, the new album played in it's entirety (about a third of the set!), use of two drum kits in one song, great string ensemble through the new album, fantastic light and video show, and the rest!

Ok I am a Rush fan, possibly a fanatic,  so biased but this is near the top of my best gigs ever, did I mention the best indoor pyrotechnics I've ever seen? No? See there was so much to say. Honestly just amazing! The highlights were The Garden, The Wreckers both off Clockwork Angels then Spirit Of The Radio as well to end the main set.

Still on a high 2 days later! :-)


  1. It sounds like a blast. That poor fox didn't get to enjoy the show? I bet he was a an ;)

  2. I was hoping for a report. I first saw them on the Farewell to Kings tour and they always play the new stuff. Not just a dusty old oldies act like the Stones or McCartney. I just looked up the set list for that night. Well done, boys.

  3. Rush? Aren't they like a Canadian Budgie?

    1. Can see your point but they moved on a lot since the 70s unlike Budgie sadly.

  4. Sigh....I would love to go to a live concert Metallica :).

  5. Enjoy the afterglow! Sounds like a great concert!

  6. Awesome!! Such is the life of a performer! congrats!

  7. The afterglow of a Rush concert usually lasts a few days...they are beyond words, I tell ya. And for a musician, it's even more mind blowing, isn't it? They were long overdue for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. goosebumps just reading your post there!!