Tuesday, 21 May 2013

He's home!

Son-of-Furtheron returned from his Arctic adventure yesterday.  Mrs F and I headed up to Heathrow to pick him up, arriving in reasonable time, good job too as his flight actually landed 20 mins early.  Still we had time for a coffee waiting for his flight to land, taxi and bags to be delivered.

We stood at the end of the "funnel" at T3 arrivals, there is a bit with barriers that people come through which is a bit funnel shaped.  Standing there as the automatic doors flip open you can see some of those coming through.  Mrs F suddenly shouted "There he is" and ran forward so that she almost lept on him as he came through the door.  All good stuff.  He looks really well, the beard is impressive although he had trimmed it up a bit but he did have a look of the intrepid explorer... well a bit ;-)

Lovely to have him home safe and sound.  He immediately was saying how warm it is;  it really isn't for late May is it?  However if for the best part of 6 months you've never known a day about freezing I suppose it is.  As we drove along the motorway home he also was saying "I can't get used to how green it is".  Also funny was that as soon as he logged onto Facebook at home the first thing on his Newsfeed was a picture of a 40 German rifle that someone is selling as "Ideal Polar Bear Protection".  He laughed and said "Doubt I'll need that in Kent!"

So the house is full of us all again if only for a while, he is back off to Wales to visit his girlfriend as soon as she has finished her MSc project write up and presentation, then house hunting in the Midlands with her, and both of them have managed to get an all expenses paid trip to Budapest for a PhD introductory summer school in August.

Daughter-of-Furtheron has a busy week of AS level exams.  She has been busy revising last week and the weekend so there is nothing to do but the doing of it as they say.  She is predicting woeful results as ever - I doubt that'll be the case, she is a glass half empty kind of a person.

Mrs F's Mother is on the slow recovery path, she had a massive op where they wired the knee, plated the arm and pinned the shoulder!  She has been out of bed a few times and they have had her up on her feet and given her a load of bed and chair exercises.  There is beginning to be talk about rehabilitation and Mrs F has pushed and looks to have successfully got her into another hospital that a friend of ours who has had more operations than is fair for anyone to have to endure and he recommends that one fully.  Goodness knows how long before she can go home and with her house having bathroom, toilet and bedroom upstairs I'm not sure how that will work... Still one day at a time on this stuff I suppose.


  1. exciting stuff...glad he is safely home!!

  2. Your kids are pretty amazing. You must be incredibly proud of them. Hope my two turn out half as well as yours did. Got any child-rearing tips? I'm flying without a manual.

    1. My only tip would be probably don't do it my way!! The kids have turned out good despite my parenting skills rather than because of I'd say.

  3. Your excitement about your kids is palpable. I think despite whatever wrongdoing you did in your drinking years, the love was there for them to feel.

  4. Great news! You have raised two good humans - and despite your protestations to the contrary, the lessons of 'recovery' and 'resiliency' you have shown will serve them through all manner of challenges in life!