Saturday, 5 January 2013

Guitar build continues...

... or save of the week maybe! 

The guitar build continues. The neck is now finished - although I had a panic on Tuesday.  I did a second coat of Danish Oil on it but was worried it wasn't drying and read some horror stories on on-line forums about "How can I remove the sticky/gummy mess I've made with a Danish Oil finish"... oh dear.  I did something alien to me. I left well alone!  I only went to look at it today (Saturday morning) and guess what?  Success - it had dried out and felt pretty good - the look and feel I was after.  A little clean up consisting of a rub down with very fine (0000) wire wool, a light rub off with White Spirit then I polished it over with two coats of an old finishing wax I have that I'm sure was my Dad's - so at least 30 odd years old but hey it's done the job and here it is with the tuners now fitted.

It'll have to wait a while to be mated to its body as I've now applied the  third coat of the Wudtone Amber finish.  There is at least another base coat to go, maybe two and then two to three top coats.  That'll take a while longer.

If you are interested the kit came from DIY Guitar Shop who have some great other kits on offer.

I've just ordered some different pickups - you can't stop yourself customising it can you?!  Well I can't yes I've order some Wilkinson Pickups - I've heard good reports of these and have gone for the set with the slightly hotter bridge pickup that'll be a bit more like a Fender Texas Special feel - well that is what I'm hoping. Oh yes and Schaller like strap locks as well as I generally fit them to all my electric guitars.  All coming along nicely now! :-)


  1. Excellent report, Dr. Frankenstein.

    Mwwwhahaha! [sound of thunder]

  2. Aaaaah - patience! What a concept?!?! Lookin' good!

  3. Sounds like a great project. I seem to remember Practical Electronics mag had a build your own "blockboard and fretsaw" project decades ago - but this sounds a lot more do-able!

    I should definitely get into strap locks.