Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wales, wet, meetings and a year in the job...

So Son-of-Furtheron is back in the land of male voice choirs etc. - i.e. back in Wales ready for new year at uni - his last!  Yes this time next year I've every confidence he will have a flying first in his undergraduate master in Physics and Space Science...  Yes he does make his old man look like a thick old numpty...  I'm so proud.   Daughter-of-Furtheron is settling into A level studies and is looking at universities that we'll be traipsing around this time next year in preparation for her to apply to.  One finishes and another joins the fray.  Mrs F is settling in with a new year group, new teacher she is working with and two guinea pigs her class has adopted!

The trip back to Wales was, almost predictably, met with weather that even Noah would have said "You expect me to go out in that!".  When I fetched S-o-F back at the end of the year we just escaped as floods hit that area - this time it was worse in land and I had to slowly edge through some road covering floods.  One time a helpful lorry coming the other way just ploughed through and I was totally swamped!  Luckily the car didn't miss a beat - probably a good job mine is a boring old diesel and therefore no ignition leads to get wet and stop everything working.  I was mighty glad to get home after 600 mile round trip and frankly some awful driving witnessed by me.  When you can't see more than 100 yards due to the spray, the surface it covered in running water and all the signs are flashing "50" in bright lights shooting along at 90mph does mean you'll hit something - that is a comment to the numpty in the silver BMW M3 that I saw on the M54 hit either the barrier or that big crane, I don't know which I saw him disappear into the spray then pulling off with half the front of his car ripped off.  Idiot!

I've been to a couple of different meetings recently - asked there to "do the chair", i.e. share my story with that meeting.  Lovely to see some old friends, make new ones and see newcomers working hard to find their way.  Told me I need to vary up my meetings - Friday I'm travelling off to one I've not been to for a long time.  It'll do me good I know it will.

Today was the first anniversary of me starting at the university in the job that regular readers will know I've had a little struggle with.  That is me though!  I've passed probation, got a few pats on the back.  I've figured out some real issues and now we have a plan to work through in a structure way a redesign of the services we provide and detail an improvement plan.  All positive stuff.  I've figure some of the people there tell me they know a lot but frankly don't.  Communication is very poor sadly in some aspects - I aim to tackle that head on and have a go at addressing my little bit where I can.

Working hard to not let my common autumn depression get too big a grip on me.   Progress not perfection.


  1. Well, you have had an exciting time — especially your travels in Wales.

    Congratulations on your "year on the job."

    Hope you autumn without depression. I, sadly, am not so fortunate.

  2. I misread "flying first" as "flying fist." I suppose it could be that, as well.

    Happy anniversary. You can tick that off your list and find something else to keep you awake at night.

    1. The "flying fist" is more likely to happen if England beat Wales in the rugby... Although I think now under the new daft rules he might qualify to play for Wales based on "continuous residency".

  3. You sound on track to beating fall fact, you sound upbeat, with every reason to be. I like what you said about varying meetings, something I struggle with. I also like your use of numpty. Never heard that one before and absolutely love it.

  4. I don't know what you mean, furtheron: it's lovely here today!

  5. The UK really seems to be getting hammered by the weather, even more so than normal, and yes, there are untold idiots driving insanely all around the world.

    We're just starting to enjoy our Spring weather down here, with mild temperatures and scintillating blue skies. Let me lend you some of our sunshine to ease the Autumn deeps...shit, it's raining again...try this link every so often.

  6. Hi, This autumn depression seems very popular.
    We've been lucky here so far, much rain but no floods as yet . . .
    Sounds like your kids are doing you proud. Take care x

  7. For the 958th time this year, I am so glad I don't drive. Well done to the children--treat them well, because they might be changing the bedpans in a few years :)

    Sorry about the comment problem on my blog btw G -- if you could send the comment to me I'll get it put on in your name and tell the spam filter off for you.

  8. I remember that post about the rain the last time you drove SoF. Glad you made it safely once again. Wow, a college graduate, I'll have one in a few years two *gasp*

    Congrats to you for passing along your experience to others. That's fantastic. I know it's rewarding and it's also such an encouragement for others to see your continued sobriety.

    Be well!!

  9. That's a lot of 'stuff' going on in life - September always feels like the beginning of the year for me. Goes back to the standard academic year, and i think it's programmed into my genes.

    Oh, and adding another physicist to the world? A fine contribution!