Sunday, 2 September 2012


Or where the hell has the Furtheron clan been now!  Yes a short stay over in Edinburgh, capital of Scotland and a city I like a great deal, fantastic architecture, lots to see and do etc.  Mrs F, Daughter-of-Furtheron and I flew up there - why is it so much cheaper to fly than go by train?  We stayed in a little B&B run by some Eastern Europeans (confused!) on the Southside of the City.  One thing I have to say Edinburgh has a fantastic bus service!  I've no idea why they are digging up so much of the city to put in a tram system the buses are cheap and very frequent so I don't think they need anything else.

Here are a few snaps from the trip.

Yes we went to see the Pandas at the zoo - all they do is sleep, eat and poo and can only mate on two days in one year...  no wonder they are endangered!  The zoo are hopeful that they moment of love next year will be a bit more success apparently Yuang Guang (the male above) "got his geography a bit wrong" when they got together this year!

The stunning castle up on the crag looking up from Princes Street gardens, which were years ago a man made lake (the Nor Loch) where all the waste from the Old Town part of the city went...  oh and they dunk witches in there too.  Given what was in there the fact that they burnt you at the stake for being a witch if you did float in it was possibly a blessing in disguise!

Palce of Holyroodhouse - The Queen's official gaff in the city.

A view of Princes Street gardens, Princes Street itself (the main shopping area), the New Town and in the distance Leith and the Firth of Forth from the castle.


  1. thanks for sharing the pictures! have never made it to Edinburgh, but it's on my short list of 'absolutely must visit' cities. enjoy your holidays!

  2. Glad the three of you had a good time. Don't worry about the Panda; he looks dandy.

  3. Edinburgh's lovely. Try Glasgow next time though--fewer Spaniards walking seven abreast.

  4. The Panda looks like my Old English Sheepdog :-) Love it.

    Thank you for the pictures. I hope to one day make it across the pond and see more of our world's people. In the meantime, I will live through pictures and stories.

  5. It can be a lovely place, but as a Glaswegian, I'm a bit biased against it. There are some lovely old pubs down in the grassmarket, but Royal Mile has become very touristy and a bit tacky.

  6. Color me jealous! I'm not sure what I love more, the panda or the castle. That's it. I am going to get my butt back to Europe and tour again!!

    When you say "gaff"...what do you mean?

    1. Gaff is a colloquial term for house. :-)

    2. LOL - here it means "putting your foot in your mouth"

    3. Actually it has dual meaning with that too...

      Just looked it up in Collins English Dictionary (in a past life I helped write the s/w they used to use to collate this dictionary therefore feel a sense of allegiance to it) and found that my use is referred to as "archaic"... I'm saying nothing!