Saturday, 12 February 2011

One week down

So I've had my first week in paid employment for a long time... I'm shattered!

Actually it has been ok, most of the week spent at HQ with HR, Finance etc. learning about the company and the processes etc. I did have a quick outing to a client for them looking at me for a possible assignment and I got that - which is good so soon I'll be earning for the company which is always a good place to get to quickly.

I'm out and about next week for the first couple of days to meet others who work for the company and meet them and learn about their experience and current work them I'm off to the client for a 3 day meeting that will kick off my assignment.

So sadly I think I will be very very busy so unfortunately I might be less on here and not able to visit all of you so frequently.


  1. Well that is a good news bad new situation, isn't it? :)

    I'm glad that you are getting along so quickly in your position! That's wonderful-and it sounds like you're happy.
    I guess we all understand that life gets busy and blogs hit the back burner. You will be missed though. I hope you can still pop in from time to time when you have a moment and say hi.


  2. Good luck

    Keep us posted occasionally tho'


  3. This is all very good....and exciting! Starting from scratch can be rejuvenating!

    Good luck!!

  4. It all sounds very promising. Hope it goes very well for you.

    And what a great Valentine's gift!