Sunday, 6 February 2011

Gary Moore - 1952 - 2011

It is very sad news - Gary Moore the great Irish rock/blues legend guitarist has passed away.

I've been a fan of Gary's for years - his tone, skill and songcraft stand head and shoulders above many others. Also Gary never wanted to be pigeonholed, rock, blues, jazz rock he tried them all... blues rock was his home and where he excelled but Gary never stood still. Try Different Beat an album he made when influenced by dance music from Fat Boy Slim etc. also Variations with Julian and Andrew Lloyd Webber again showing his great versatility.

I was privileged to see him several times. My sons first ever gig was to see Gary Moore with me at Folkestone some years back. I first saw him live with John Sloman singing back in the very early 80s I think.

I can't say more - great great man who will be sadly sadly missed. Thank you Gary for the gigs and music we salute you.

My gig review of the last time I saw Gary live is here from April 2009.

How to remember him but with one of his signature tunes....


  1. Great guitarist who seems to be sadly overlooked by non metal/blues fans. Am I right in thinking he owned Peter Greens Mac-era LP?

  2. @mondo - he did indeed. He sold it a couple of years back and was angry as he thought a collector bought it but then it reappeared on the internet with a $1m price tag.

    Gibson have just issued a re-issue which will have added poignancy now.,+Butterscotch,+New,+Inc.+Case+%26+COA