Saturday, 5 February 2011

England win!

Could there have been a better start to the weekend? That was a pretty good England performance I thought. Soaked up the early dominance from the Welsh without conceding points and then slowly began to take over the game. The first try was excellent foresight from Toby Flood who was rightfully the Man of the Match - he played really well I thought, although Wilkinson was impressive when he came on as well, good kick when needed and he did one stunning tackle in particular.

We should have scored when we were on the line and that was frustrating, we didn't marshall ourselves or use the width - either would have been a certain 5 or 7 points. Still picky it was a good performance. We need to stop conceding so many penalties as well but again promising.... could this finally be the England revival we've all long for since 2003?


  1. Each time England had the ball they looked threatening.

    But France now ... a whole different ball game as they say.

  2. Yeah.. jolly good and all that. :)
    Now, my husband and sons would be all over this post. Me? After watching them all play soccer/football for the past 20 years, I'm still trying to figure out what "off side" is.
    I'm not the swiftest.

    But, congrats on your win! :D
    (you did win right? I wasn't really listening...)


  3. @Liz - after watching them demolish the Scots I have to say you are right. I mean the Scots played pretty well, 3 tries in any 6 nations is a good performance and they were still trounced! Ominous

  4. thanks for popping by mine...where you obviously appreciate the finer! details of rugby...

    seeing your post l just realised l didnt even know that england won their game...shame on me