Thursday, 7 January 2016

CE24 Demo | PRS Guitars

Any of you who've been around this blog a while will know that I own a PRS CE22 - 2001 model if memory serves that I bought second hand in about 2009.  It is simply the go to guitar for a jam session etc. as it can cover just about anything.  I always thought the removal of it from the catalogue a mistake. Many seemed to think it a "poor man's custom" but for me frankly it is an alternative.  The bolt on maple neck gives it more spank - think Fender spank but with some of the girth you get in a Gibson or PRS custom Mahogany  / Maple set up.  To me actually it is better at nailing the best of both worlds sounds than the custom which given I have a Gibson and a Gordon Smith and a Peter Cook is too similar to all of them.   Think a Fender Strat with a humbuckers in it along side single coils ... but the humbucker sounds much closer to a Gibson one thing a humbucker in a strat will never do to my ears.

Well the super duper news is that PRS obviously see the error of removing it from the catalogue and a new CE24 has been announced - see below.  Top news.

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