Sunday, 24 January 2016

And another one...

I can't believe I'm back here posting about another loss but Jimmy Bain bass player with Rainbow, Wild Horses and Dio has sadly passed away aged 68.  Whilst never a household name Bain was in the original Rainbow line up, then formed Wild Horses with Brian Robertson following Robbos's dismissal from Thin Lizzy.  However when he reunited with Ronnie James Dio in his post Sabbath project his writing ability shone through with him credited with several co-writing credits on Dio's biggest hits whilst he also worked with Phil Lynott on his solo material even appearing on keyboards on some live gigs before Lynott's sad dimise.

Here is one his best co-writing efforts with Dio ... Holy Diver...


  1. So many already this year, as you say...

    (Also many thanks for your comment on my own blog... just want to clarify in case you don't see my response that it was MJ's brother who died, he was a dear friend to me, perhaps best known for his artwork for The The and the Some Bizarre label, also culty comics and illustrations for Melody Maker etc in the '80s...extremely talented and much missed but probably not as well-known as Matt. I didn't want there to be any confusion, sorry if so!)

    1. No I realised straight away it was Andy Dog who'd gone. Sad

    2. Thanks Graham, I had a sudden moment of panic that I'd not worded it very well and with putting the song up it might get misinterpreted. I'm glad you realised. He was a truly lovely friend.

  2. Lost a great deal of wonderful talented artists and folk in general. Life I guess, but I don't have to like it. Been catching up on my reading. Tally ho!