Monday, 29 June 2015

Rush - Losing It (HD) :: Live in Toronto June 2015

One of my favourite Rush songs ever - finally played live.  Terrific!!!  Look at that Zemetis bass too - is that an original?


  1. They played Madison Square Garden last night. Only eight short blocks away from my office but I couldn't go. It's just TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE. I can't afford it. The worst seats were going for upwards of $95, and I'm too old to sit in the rafters. The better seats were $400 or more. Rich people ruin EVERYTHING. Mostly, I'm shocked at how upset I am that I missed them. I try to be all Zen and whatnot but when are they going to come this way again? Ever?

  2. btw, are you interested in the set list of Rush's current tour? It never changes from concert to concert. Lighting cues and animations are set in stone. Here's what you get if you see them:

  3. I admit to not even remembering this song.

    1. It was on Signals never a big hit but I just loved it