Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Alex Lifeson R40 Les Paul

Not the first Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess signature model but I think the best looking in terms of colour and the look of the maple used for the top.

The Axcess main feature is the re-shaping of the neck joint, so whilst it is a traditional glued mortice joint it has the feel of a neck thru body.  Added to that the Axcess is subtly thinner and has a "belly scarf" - like the back contour on a strat body.  Whilst you can get the Axcess with a standard Les Paul stopbar they are most often seen sporting a Floyd Rose locking trem adding dive bomb whammy option to your Les Paul crunch.

The electrics are actually the biggest departure for the Alex Lifeson signature model from the standard Axcess.  It is fitted with a Piezo powered bridge allowing you to get an acoustic like sound from it too.  This can be routed via a dedicated output jack to go to a separate amp or the PA whilst the magnetic pickups feed through the standard jack to your amp, or if you insert one cable into that jack you get a mixed sound.  There are coil taps as well.  The pickup choice is interesting too with Alex choosing the 498T and 496R combination that the Axcess comes with - the same as used in the Les Paul Custom.  These are notably more focused and hotter particularly in the bridge than the Burstbuckers that many standard Les Pauls use.

Anyway - terrific looking guitar!   I wish I could afford/justify one!

Here is Alex chuntering on about it!

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