Tuesday, 24 March 2015

2 million dollar guitar

Gibson made this announcement a few days back...

Now... if I had $2,000,000 - which sadly I've not - I've just checked with my bank.   They're still laughing btw....  and I could spend in on guitar(s) ... I don't think I'd be buying that.

So here's a game what would you buy instead?

Me... hmmm....    Probably some silly PRS Private Stock 513 to start.   An old Strat, early 60s rosewood board, an ES-175 with PAFs, 335?... more likely knowing me a 355 again early 60s preferably or a good modern one....   A Les Paul - a real late 50s?  Don't know possibly one or more from the great current custom range a "Gabby" or a "Dutchburst" of the ones I've seen recently....    Maybe that original prototype Custom that sold for $300K recently - that was one of Les's own guitars and whilst not what was claimed a really important piece of history.  Or could I get hold of Rory Gallagher's beaten to death Strat?  I doubt his brother would sell it but I'd rather spend $2,000,000 on that, rust, worn wood etc. than the jewel encrusted bauble above.

Recently British guitar maker Gordon Smith was up for sale as I recently talked about.  If I did have $2,000,000 in the bank (they're still laughing btw) I'd have invested in that as a going concern.

Part of me feels if you want a guitar buy a guitar. If you want diamonds - buy diamonds... just saying...


  1. I'd like to pair Gallagher's Strat with Willy Nelson's acoustic with a hole in it. What a pair.

  2. Yikes.....I agree, like pouring port into a stilton.....ruining two things!!

  3. Let's try again shall we?

    I can lend you a couple of quid to get you started?

    How you doing old bean? Been a while....

    I'm still talking to you even though you bastard Gills beat us ;-)

    4D x

  4. I can you a couple of quid to get you started?

    How you doing old bean?? Long time - and you beat us the other week...bastards!!

    4D x

    1. I know we did - I was somewhat surprised.... nosebleeds at 17th!

  5. I totally concur Graham. What a bunch of BS.