Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Birthday weekend - Coach and Horses gig

The birthday weekend was a bit of a whirlwind.  On my birthday we went out for nice meal once Mrs F finished work.  My daughters boyfriend had got away from his job early so the four of us headed out for a three course slap up at the local Harvester which is in walking distance.  Good time by all even managing to squeeze in an ice desert with toffee sauce!

My son and his girlfriend then made the trek home arriving late in the evening, for my son he'd spent too long on a train after a days work having gone back from Leicester to Birmingham and then to Kent but lovely to see him and the house was suddenly over full with people again.

Saturday I had a workshop I had to be at in the afternoon and then the gig in the evening.  Meaning I had to squeeze in cooking a huge curry for everyone too.  Must have been good, totally empty plates all round.

We dashed off the to the gig.  Roadworks!  The route I'd plan had a road closure on it, luckily I knew a back roads route and we parked just a little way from the venue with 10 mins to spare.  Arriving and just whipping the guitar out the case and straight on stage wasn't a smart move!  Still never mind.  I was first up in a long list of 6 acts, all the others were bands, largely LOUD bands mostly playing rock, punk and rock n roll covers.  So I stood out as only solo acoustic act and only all original stuff.  I rattled off a 30 min set of 6 numbers to good applause so I was overall pleased.  The family support, inc my sister and brother in law all said several people were commenting that I was good etc. and I got some good feedback from others too.  All in all good.  Now... just need the next one!

I used my Yamaha LL11 which last year I fitted with a Fishman pickup.  I decided for a loud noisy pub that would be better than the Vintage Gordon Giltrap which has similar pickup but with a microphone as well which sounds nicer but is much more temperamental regarding feedback.  The Yamaha is a fav guitar anyway and performed admirably with the help of my Zoom Acoustic processor which helps live sound a lot if only to add some "body" back in, some delay/reverb etc. and has a really handy three notch feedback reducing feature.  Laughably given I was the "acoustic" act my sons girlfriend awarded me "Best avoidance of feedback on the night" award as many of the heavy rock bands on later struggled to tame Les Pauls and 100w stacks in a small pub venue!

All back home for a good nights sleep... only... at some un-Godly hour the loft hatch feel out, snapping off it's hinges.  So Sunday was spent fixing all that back!  Monday I felt awful having a vertigo attack, which I get sometimes when I've been rushing about as long term readers will know.  Feeling better now and back to work...

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  1. Belated happy birthday. Sounds like you had fun, though perhaps a bit much.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!