Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Book Review - Afterwards by Roasmund Lupton

Not sure why I bought this book I think it was a daily deal for the Kindle that was recommended.  Interesting book however.  Here is the premise...  the entire book is written in the first person by a woman who has been badly injured in a fire at her son's school.  She is experiencing an out of body experience whereby she is effectively walking around the hospital and elsewhere whilst her body is lying in a bed in a comma.  She can hear/see what is going on but cannot communicate directly with anyone around her... except...  her daughter who has been badly injured also in the fire and is experiencing the same out of body experience.

The book is a whodunnit as at first the fire is blamed on the woman's son who is only 8 and it is believed by the police that he played with some matches near an art supplies store and caused the fire.  However there are things that don't add up...  how did the supplies all seem to be in one place, someone had opened windows normally shut to aid the fire in taking hold and spreading, there are people who have suspicious motives, there had been until recently a hate mail campaign against the daughter... etc...   you begin to doubt the various people and accounts in the story...

The whodunnit isn't bad on it's own and there are a variety of twists in the plot to keep you entertained - however it is the written from the point of view of the out of body experience that is interesting.  Not only is it an interesting vehicle but the mother sees family members, teachers, friends, staff at the school etc. in a new light as she is able to secretly witness them in situations previously closed to her.

There is a good twist and surprise at the end along with one highly predictable outcome and overall I liked this book and thought the point of view vehicle good but was perhaps tiring of it towards the end.  Kept my interest quiet well but maybe not a "couldn't put it down " read.  Overall a one thumbs up on the  FTUBRS*

* Furtheron Thumbs Up Book Review Scale - 
lowest is both thumbs down with a frown
two thumbs down, 
one thumb horizontal,
two thumbs horizontal, 
one thumb up, 
two thumbs up 
two thumbs up with a grin - very rarely awarded

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