Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A guitar geek's guide...

I got an email from Gibson as I'm on their email list.

This had a link to A Guitar Geek's Guide to Gibson ES Models - brilliant...

Now the little bit that really got me was side by side two new models...

The new ES Les Paul - which is another attempt to make a hollow bodied Les Paul...

And the 335-S - another attempt (there was one many years back) at a solid ES-335... errrr....

Odd when you think about this... but hey people out there might want them... I like the LP one better but there is a much cheaper option via Gordon Smith...


  1. I don't understand. Are you saying that middle one, the 335-S, is a hollow body? Where are the f-holes? Or am I being thick?

    1. I've no doubt confused

      Top - hollow
      Middle - solid
      Bottom - hollow

  2. If I say they all look alike to me will you ban me from your blog?!

    1. No - I'll merely roll my eyes Liz... ;-)