Thursday, 15 May 2014

Rochester Music Cafe - Going Gospel

Ok I make no comment on the camera work... it isn't like I'd asked for anonymity or anything... LOL.

Anyway - one of the recent songs from a "Go Gospel" night at the Rochester Music Cafe.  The singer (Damien) threw a curved ball 4 days before the performance of "Hey let's do this one..."  So presented with not screwing up a Jeff Beck version of this!   I was quiet happy with the outcome, we could have done with a rhythm guitarist or a keyboard player but still wasn't bad.  Let me know what you think.

Once the others are up I'll post them too.


  1. Fantastic! I listened to it twice. For real. Beck is one of my heros and you did him proud. Next time, get in the shot more! I want to see what you're playing and how you're playing it.

  2. You sound great. I think he camera work is kind of hilarious. Was there a person there filming or did someone just set a camera out not realizing only half the band was in view?