Wednesday, 14 May 2014

10 Years

A bit of dual posting here... but since this blog has been a big part of my sobreity blogging I'll double up here and at my other blog.

Can you believe today marks my 10th sober anniversary? In someways it feels like more than that, a lifetime in fact in other ways it seems like only yesterday I finally said “I need help”.

10 years! I won’t repeat it all here read my drinking story on this blog or an updated drinking story and recovery story over at my other home if you want to.

What I would like to say the most huge thank you to the nurse who suggested rehab, the doctor who assessed me, all those that worked in the rehab, all the friends of Bill W who I have met and who have helped my journey and all those I’ve never met but whose spirit keeps me sober today. I love you all!


  1. Congratulations ol' chap. Raise an alco-free glass for me and keep on, keeping on...

  2. Coolness! Keeping commitments is tough. It's certainly not a walk in the park. Moreso, if it's got sociological weight and expectations, which can be added irritations that can either drive us to strive further into our self-imposed mandates, or to throw them by the wayside. Glad you chose the former and stuck with foregoing addiction and keeping clean.

    Scott McKinney @ Midwest Institute For Addiction

    1. Thanks for the comment Scott... although I have to say I struggle with the terms in there friend. My "self-imposed mandate" - is simple, it is stay sober or risk death - that is not that hard to comprehend. As far as "sociological weight and expectations" well they can go f*** themselves frankly. I don't drink - simple, get over it. I have a friend who has a severe peanut allergy, so bad she can't fly on a plane if they serve them. So would people say "Go on you can have one now surely? You'll be fine." I put my alcohol allergy in a similar place and then consider people who want to push it at me I treat with contempt. To the point that I for only the second time ever unfriended someone on Facebook yesterday when they place a "joke" on my sobriety status.

  3. Big Milestone Graham, congrats!

  4. Wow ten years!!! Congratulations!!! Wonderful, you are an inspiration xxx

  5. Thank you all for your comments - much appreciated

  6. Such an achievement. Well done - and stick at it!

  7. Top Job. :) You have two Blogs!! Is that greedy or clever? I'll go with clever. :) I now have even more to read. All the best. Cheers. :)