Thursday, 20 March 2014

Young gun guitarists mixing it with the elder statesmen

A couple of new tunes/videos from bands with new young guitarists.

First up Asia, who lost Steve Howe sadly last year after he admitted being in both Yes and Asia was too much for him - which was fair enough but odd give Geoff Downs had rejoined Yes and they were both in both bands seemingly I'd have thought that easier to arrange commitments - still.

Here is Valkyrie featuring new guitarist Sam Coulson a mere slip of a lad at 27 who was spotted on YouTube apparently.

Not bad similar to some of the recent Asia fair and a nice flutey sustained solo by Sam... but ... but... just not Steve Howe who is one of those people who is just for me special

Next ... well a new band called California Breed.  However you could say this is Black Country Communion minus Joe Bonamassa after is public bust up with Glen Hughes over not putting enough effort into touring and promoting BCC.  Derek Sherinian (keyboards) has gone as well being now a regular feature in Joe's recent touring band. This rocking trio features another young newcomer guitarist Andrew Watt (23 - bloody hell same age as my son!) who on the evidence of this first release, Sweet Tea, knows how to wring a classical rock sound and solo out of a P90 armed SG!  Small little bass amp set up for Mr Hughes there as well ;-)   Love his voice by the way one of the greatest rock voices of all time I think.


  1. I didn't know that Steven Howe retired. I have a complicated relationship with him. While technically brilliant, his playing occasionally leaves me cold.

  2. I'm gonna agree with Exile on the Steve Howe thing. Last time I saw him with Asia my God did he look stiff and his playing seemed stiff as well. I did like this Valkyrie track, sounded pretty good to me.

    Now I really dug the California Breed track. My God Glenn Hughes is old enough to be Andrew's Grandfather, LOL. And how in the hell does he still do it at 62? Can you honestly name any hard rock singer that still has that kind of range after 40+ years? Amazing. I really liked BCC with Joe Bo, they had some great tunes and he really could play straight forward rock but something tells me he might be kind of a jag.

  3. Oh, I forgot. What in the Holy Hell is up with Glenn's hair? Is that hair? That is absolutely horrid.

  4. Steve Howe is still playing and touring with Yes.

    My son luckily saw BCC live in Llandudno of all places! Glen Hughes is terrific. I watched a recent Deep Purple gig on YouTube and Gillan is still great.