Saturday, 1 March 2014

Entry Island - Peter May

I really enjoyed Peter May's Lewis Island trilogy.  His latest book has some links - a murder on a small remote island and a link to the Hebrides.  However the murder is on Entry Island which is a small island in the Gulf of St Lawrence in Canada.  Oddly Entry Island is the only English speaking island in the Magdalen Islands, the rest being French speaking.  When a murder occurs Sime Mackenzie is called in to help as he is an English speaking detective and he journeys out from Quebec to help interrogate the suspect(s).

Here is where the odd bit of the novel kicks in.  Firstly there is the thriller element of the murder investigation and the direct and side story issues with that.  But secondly this novel has a time slip element to it as Sime begins to recall some diaries read to him by his grandmother when he was a child about an ancestor of his who travelled to Canada after being evicted in a clearance on a Hebridean island in the 19th Century.  Now Sime firmly believes some form of connection between him, his ancestor and the prime suspect in the murder.

The unfurling of the murder investigation - where everyone believe the wife did it and don't really look for any other motives other than she was a woman recently scorned by her husband and the life story of Sime's ancestor is really intriguing.  Well written - I didn't get who the real murderer was until the final reveal or the reason.

Really good book - definite two thumbs up on the FTUBRS*

* Furtheron Thumbs Up Book Review Scale - 
lowest is both thumbs down with a frown
two thumbs down, 
one thumb horizontal,
two thumbs horizontal, 
one thumb up, 
two thumbs up 
two thumbs up with a grin - I believe only yet awarded once!

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  1. Mm, sounds interesting. I was in the library today for ages trying to decide what to get, was in a very undecided mood.
    By the way, I lost the link to your blog and have only just refound it - and have been neglectful of blogging of late - so can return you to my blog list.