Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Ronny Jordan - RIP

Very sadly I heard last night of Ronny Jordan's passing.

I met him once at a guitar show in London, in the 90s sometime.  It is a bit blurry, it was in the drinking days and a day in London at a show meant getting up to there as the doors open, finding the bar as soon as it opened and then doing a sequence something like, go to stand, back to bar for beer, go to demo, back to stand for beer, go to masterclass, leave early, go back to bar... ad infinitum.  Anyway somewhere late in the day when I'd vowed to not return to the bar I watched him demoing something on a stand.  He was just brilliant and we had a great chat.

Here he is totally ripping up the old Miles Davis classic that was his theme tune.

RIP Ronny

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