Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New toy

The darling Mrs F bought me this mandolin for Christmas - I'm slowly learning chords etc.  It is only a cheap beginner instrument but really happy with the sound it makes - much louder than I was expecting, it'll hold it's own easily with a guitar being strummed quiet hard.

Expect to hear it on some recordings soon!

Oh big thanks to those that helped on the Charity Single btw.  I've raised £170 so far.  It is still open for a few more days if you want to buy early for next year!


  1. Very cool! Looking forward to hearing some recordings!

  2. I decided the other day that I wanted a ukelele. I've never played one, any experience with one Graham?

    1. Not much just strummed one. They are tuned line a guitar with capo at 5th fret, top 4 strings. So should be easy for kick arse guitarist. Mandolin is tuned like a violin in 5ths.

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  3. Hey, that's "FAIRLY" kick ass! I've never considered myself to be very good.