Thursday, 8 March 2012

It must be Thursday

Seems to be a bit like that at the moment, not really sure what flipping day it is.  I'm definitely sleeping well at the moment for one thing - Mrs F was out on a works girlie night out at the cinema to see the Hotel one with Maggie Smith, Judi Dench et al in it.  I was in bed when she came home, I remember her talking to me, can't say I responded well, if at all, since I was already out for the count and then for the second day running the alarm really does wake me from my slumber, often I'm awake and dozing for the hour before it goes off.  Not recently. Usual routine of up, make pot of tea, eat corn flakes, have a wash, get dressed, walk to station.  Only once I'm on the station do I start to sort of wake up and I'm stood there today thinking "It is Thursday isn't it?"

And it is!!  First off my good blogging friend of many years and maker of the greatest Christmas puds since my Mum passed away, Liz, is launching her book today.  I think it is likely to be in the chicklit category but I may well buy it out of loyalty and give it a read.  I will pop over to hers later for the virtual launch party she is hosting on her blog today.

Secondly my phone buzzes and I know what it will be at a few mins to 9 in the morning.  My daughter had spent a little of yesterday evening already softening me up with statements like "I apologise for my Chemistry result now".  Clearly she needed to she only got an A!  Biology was 100% and an A*!  My daughter and her inherited low self-worth issues - I blame the father entirely, he's a useless tosser!

The next whoopdy whoop (whoopdy whoop who the hell do I think I am?  I never whoopy whoop)... okay the second reason to break my generally permanently blank or scowled expression into something close to a smile is that we are off to the British Swimming Championships this evening.  We get to go to the new aquatic centre built for the up coming 2012 Olympics - which I might add have the temerity of opening on the same day was our wedding anniversary, I mean they could have checked with me first.  We've watched some of the weeks action on the BBC red button service - last nights Women's 200m Fly final was brilliant!  We are so looking forward to tonight and tomorrow as we back there again then... that'll be a Friday that will, I'll check that again tomorrow morning...

Right - leave you with this.  I went on about this band last year when I first heard them, Mrs F got me their début album "Barton Hollow" for Christmas.  This is the simply fantastic The Civil Wars with Poison and Wine.  


  1. Brilliant, well done that girl! And enjoy teh swimming - my Fiona's into it too and will be watching it if it's on TV.

  2. a very good thursday, indeed! like you, i wake up well after i've left home for the office. often finding myself at my desk, drinking my second cup of coffee, wondering how the hell i got myself to work while sleeping.

    love the video/music!