Monday, 26 March 2012

Book Review This Time Next Year - Liz Hinds

It is with immense pleasure I'm able to write this review.  Liz is probably the longest running / surviving reader/contributor to this blog and the one that went before it.  Liz can be found at her own blog over at Liz and Harvey.  Liz is a brilliant person she is a conscientious Christian working hard in her own community, she visits prisoners, helps all sorts of people at Zac's, is a proud Mum and Grandma, she writes the brilliant and very honest blog afore mentioned, she makes the best Christmas Puds known to mankind since my dear old Mum passed away (according to Mrs F anyway) and now she is a fully signed up published author.

Now I'll be honest This Time Next Year is probably not what I'd normally read it probably falls into the Chicklit category.  I'm very sure Mrs F will love it and she'll be reading it soon.

It is a book about a 50 year old recently divorced mother, Alison, and her trials and tribulations in life.

The book is written in the first person from the perspective of our heroine Alison Turner, in the form of a diary/journal.  Liz's personable style of writing and hilarious humour shines through.  There are several points in the book I wonder how close the fiction is to real elements of Liz's own life - although she is happily married and her husband has not run off with a 28 year old "bimbo".  However some incidents during a dog sitting operation make me wonder how much George Liz's faithful companion has influenced here.

There are many many elements of great humour within the book - a couple of embarrassing laugh out loud moments which draw the stares of my compatriots on the 7:20 to St Pancras.  You accompany Alison as she tries to get to grips with life alone as a 50 year as her son moves to university and has to endure her friend and family's best intentions of trying to "find her a man".  In the end Alison doesn't need any help and romance is around the corner - although the timing of it was a surprise to me.

Excellently written in a funny style I'd thoroughly recommend it.  So a double thumbs up on the Furtheron scale of book reviewing!

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  1. Thank you so much, furtheron! For all the lovely things you said. Hope Mrs F enjoys it too.