Tuesday, 30 November 2010

It's snowing

Is it still November? Doesn't look like it outside - we got the long awaited snow over night and it has carried on snowing on and off all day, only mostly small flurries but more looks to be coming down now. I'm surprised it took this long, normally if the wind comes in from the east in the winter we cop it - we live on the slope of the North Downs and the snow just gets unloaded from the North Sea on us as the cloud comes in. I think 10 miles east it will have largely fallen as rain, that isn't uncommon but as the height rises we get the snow.

So snow in Kent - my daughters school shut early at lunchtime, but at least they tried to operate unlike many. Mrs F has gone off and her school has stayed open. No trains running by the sound of it but frankly that is hardly surprising you pay £4000 plus for a season ticket and they provide the biggest joke of a service in the country! Probably in Europe! I don't want to sound like a whingeing old man but I did commute to London for a few years 20 years or so ago and the only times I don't remember getting in were... the hurricane of 86, to be fair there were trees all over the line that I could see that day, the really bad snow the year before that when we had yards of the stuff outside and no one in the rest of the country had a flake! and when the IRA used to blow up or threaten to blow up a station. To be honest the terrorist threat was greater to delaying me than the weather but now seems it is always up the creek as soon as the temp is 0 or below. Remember last New Years Day when they screwed up my sons girlfriend getting to our family meal!

Still luckily I don't have to go anywhere so I finished my latest book... review to hopefully follow and swept the snow off the path/drive... only for it to come back again - still keeps me fit!

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