Monday, 22 November 2010


I've been somewhat quiet on here lately, so what's been going on...

I've been decorating - that took a lot of October up. We have a large open plan house, it wasn't originally like that but someone (before our tenancy) put an arch between the lounge and the dining room (very 70s) removing the old fold back doors that were there - they were on the back of the garage when we moved in, what a joke they had to go! - and they also moved a wall through 90° to remove the hallway but make an entrance porch but the stairway is now in the lounge. That means when you decorate now you have to decorate, the dining room, the lounge, the stairway and the upstairs landing. This means all 8 room doors in the house have to be painted and three large cupboard doors as well! Anyway that was a minimum three weeks with me working pretty much everyday - I did have one day off to help out at some AA thing.

November - well the decorating bug had got hold so I did my sons bedroom. In fairness we'd bought the paint he wanted in the summer but I just hadn't got around to it - clearing his room was a nightmare. How can someone only 20 years old have so much crap already!! Anyway that was finished this weekend with Mrs F helping me get the new border stuck up - and I had to do a little "adjustment" in the lounge to accommodate the new fireplace we collected Saturday.

Oh yes and there were the gigs in Oct (Lamb and Flag) and Nov (The Libertine and Strood) so any downtime from the decorating was spent practising. I've written one new song that got an airing at The Libertine gig. My Baby got a full band treatment at Strood.

Anyway - I have started to apply for some jobs. Well a few jobs - but it's been frustrating. Now I was clearly living a delusional life (not the first time) but I thought I would phone up, send CV etc. and people would go - "This guy has a lot of experience, knowledge, etc. we should at least talk to him". Reality has not been like that. It is either - we need someone like this... they then describe a bizarre person with so many characteristics/knowledge that you think "They'll never get all that". The agent on more than one occasion has said "This one is proving difficult to fill" No shit Sherlock! Or you need industry specific knowledge - I partly get that but to me also bringing someone in from outside I'd have thought would mean that person would look at stuff in new ways and offer new/different solutions, also that person would be really engaged in learning that business not bored with it all.

Anyway - I do have an interview today! So I'm off to that this afternoon.

And it is Daughter-of-Furtheron's 15th birthday that must be a good omen surely.



  2. Hope DoF had a good birthday.

    How did the interview go? perhaps you need to be creative when they say they need a man who can climb walls then you say you own crapons (or whatever they're called). I don't know. The only job I managed to get was given me out of pity.