Monday, 6 September 2010

Very proud Dad

Today my daughter returned to school - year 10! Where are the years going?

So I got up at 6am to make Mrs F a tea and wish Daughter-of-Furtheron a good day. She was her usual miserable self :-) She "doesn't do mornings" and after some weeks of coming down stairs wrapped in a duvet to sit in front of the TV whilst one of us got her breakfast ready so she could ease into the day the up at 6:30 and on the bus at 7:25 was a shock :-)

However one thing was she had her GCSE results to look forward to. She had taken two a couple of years early - what is it with schools and all this excelerated learning these days? Let them have their childhoods and adolesences I say - anyway... TWO As!!!!

So so pleased and proud of her.


  1. The youngest starts back in last year of juniors today, and the eldest is choosing 'options' in seniors this year. Seemed to last a lifetime when I was their age, it's flown by in a blink as a parent

  2. One minute you're in the park kicking a football with them, next thing you know you're tapping your pipe on the heel of your shoe telling anyone who'll listen that they're in their last year at Uni.

  3. My daughter returns to year 8 tomorrow and although looking forward to going back in she is most definately not embracing the 7am alarm clock.
    We have a 15 minute rule where I don't speak to her while she 'comes to'!
    2 A's already...every reason to feel proud.

  4. I don't doubt it... my boy is 3 next month. When someone at work asked me how he was last week they thought he was about 1!! The years just go faster and fast... I'm really trying to make the most of every moment.

  5. Oh well done, Daughter-of-Furtheron!