Sunday, 26 September 2010

CD available!!!!

I'm really pleased to announce the release of my home made CD Within.

Within contains 15 tracks all written and performed by yours truly and with one exception (Let Me Love You Tonight) they were all recorded by me at home as well. The CD itself is also home produced with the printing and burning etc. all done on my home PC. Not often in this day and age you get that level of sweat in any product is it :-)

There is one exclusive track only available on the CD for the time being so what better reason to buy one do you need?

Easiest is to pay me £7 via paypal to or email me at that address for overseas rates (depends on the postage) and how to pay/order via post if you'd prefer.


  1. Where can we here some samples?

  2. Many congrats to you on a job well done!!


  3. Mondo - the player on the right in the blog has pretty much all the CD available to listen to on streaming

  4. What software did you use to mix and record again ?

  5. @heff - watch this space I'm going to blog about it all soon... :-)

    However in summary a Boss BR600 for the majority and then Audacity for some very minor clean up work on the PC once converted to WAV format and uploaded off the Boss