Sunday, 10 June 2018

Space saving workbench

I got this idea from Chris at Highline guitars from a video he put up recently on his YouTube channel.

If you haven't much space available and certainly not enough for a permanent workbench here's a way to get one you can store away.

Underneath is a Black & Decker Workmate that I've had for years and which already folds away.  The top is a large offcut sheet of chipboard that was in my garage - a left over for a kitchen installation years ago.

Underneath you see again a chunk of chipboard that was in my pile of "it may come in handy one day" offcuts.   You'll see I notched it at the ends so sit snugly on the workmate.  Once this clamped in the top is held really tight and it gives you a much bigger smooth flat surface to work on.  I heavily countersunk the 2.5" chipboard screws so that they won't scratch anything I put on there.

The final little touch again from Chris at Highline was the portable carpenter's vice.  I honestly had never seen one before until I watched his video.  The unique feature being the clamp underneath allowing you to clamp it to a suitable work surface.  I thought that would be really useful so looked around for one to find they aren't that common at all.  This is a Record Model 51.  I had been looking on eBay for one at first thinking about £10 - £15 would be reasonable.  But no nearer £20 - £25 was what most were asking.  I tried to make offers when a couple didn't sell on the first listing to no avail.  Then this one came up as a proper auction and was supporting a hospice.  So I stuffed in my top bid - essentially around the others that I'd seen.  I actually got it for a few quid less.  I've fitted it with new jaw guides made from some Sundela pin board which is nice and soft.

So there you have it a good size smooth workbench with a handy vice and cost me less than £25 and can be stored away in the shed/garage when not needed.


  1. Very efficient! Now what are you going to make?

  2. Morning! Great to see youre still fervently blogging! well I'm back and i'm redecorating at blog HQ and my url will change over next 48 hours, so please check any links you may have.
    saz x