Saturday, 15 July 2017

A new track - Good Heavens!

Yes I've finally written something and recorded it.   Been ages I know.

So - this features my home built 12 string and my new octave mandolin....


  1. Thank you, Graham. I really enjoyed that. What a beautiful, rich sound. Who did the percussion track?

    1. The man in the machine... ;-)

      Long answer... I use a Boss BR-600 to record - it's a four track digital recorder. I like simplicity when recording so whilst I'm an IT professional avoid getting bogged down with it.

      Anyway - that has a built in drum machine.
      How I work is, I normally have worked out the beats per min before I start recording via a metronome. I then set that prior to recording anything. I then find a suitable simple pattern. I use that as a count in and to play along to to keep everything in time and synced up. Once I've got everything recorded I can go back and program in something more interesting, take out the count in, make sure it finishes appropriately etc. So with this one just a couple of fills into the break in the middle and back out of that. When you then bounce that all into a stereo master you record the final drum track alongside all the other tracks. It's nice as essentially you never have to use up tracks for a drum pattern until that final bounce.

  2. Loved it. Just the thing to play in the car at full volume when driving through London!