Tuesday, 3 January 2017

2016 Review of the year

It is remiss of me but I've missed getting the annual Furtheron review of the year out before the end of the the year... oh well.

Gig of the Year
In days gone by this would have been hotly contested as I attended so many gigs but finances, commitments and my ears have meant less choice these days.  So from a very very small list the winners are Joe Bonamassa.
CD of the year

Rock -Going to give this to Wild by Joanne Shaw Taylor.  This has been a mainstay on my playlist since it's release.  Fantastic playing and singing - Joanne is as good as Joe Bonamassa and many many others in this genre on this outing.

Folk - Has to be the superb On a Winter's Night by Cara Dillon which I bought as my Christmas listening this year.  It is a stunning album worth getting to keep for next year but frankly so good I can't believe I'll be digging out still in the summer!  Holly and the Ivy is just to die for - she has frankly one of the greatest voices in folk currently.

DVD of the year - I got Joe Bonamassa's Live at the Greek Theatre for Christmas - stunning!  A tribute to the three Kings, Freddie, Albert and BB played almost exclusively on vintage instruments including Alberts own custom Flying Vee known as Lucy.  Joe might be my "rock" in  his approach than the three Kings but the show is a tremendous tribute and top draw throughout.  The list of guitars is boggling, however the notes are not totally correct, Joe uses I believe a genuine 58 Vee but it is incorrectly noted as the famous Amos one - which is can't be it isn't a black scratchplate, also there is a large additional plate on the bass side making it a huge looking symmetrical plate.  Also he forgets (!?!) a 58 Explorer that comes out for one number!

Read of the Year
I only got round to reading this this year so goes to Time after Time by Ben Elton.  I can't praise this enough, I love the writing style but the concept whilst out there (time travelling to correct mistakes in history) once things start to get revealed I just love the point it is making about humanity as it has been throughout the 20th Century and 21st Century.

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