Wednesday, 28 September 2016

New track - Good Man

It has been ages since I posted anything new.  I've just not been avidly writing and not recording much.  My tinnitus/Ménière’s disease hasn't been helping, for long periods even contemplating playing the guitar isn't on my mind as it is likely to be too painful.  But in the last week my ear has been a lot better.

I have few songs in development - this one was actually started a long while ago.  It was inspired when I got my mandolin.  After some noodling learning chords etc. this pattern emerged which I liked.  As ever it sat about without lyrics for a while then some inspiration struck.  Largely since this is dedicated from me to a dear friend who passed away last year.  One of the last times I remember being with him out somewhere we were watching a band play with a great mandolin player and he joking asked how my mandolin playing was coming along.  So it was fitting my first song inspired by mandolin playing should have lyrics inspired by him.

Sadly however having recorded this something fatal appears to have befallen my Boss BR-600 and it won't work now.  It is stuck in a loop at start up.  Grrr!  Frustrating I just get back into recording and then the gremlins appear.  So anyway, I've bid on eBay for a cheap replacement.  I won't bid too high but if I can get a working model cheap at least no new learning curve or big outlay.  If that fails I'll see if I can save up for new BR-800 which replaced the 600 some while back.  It has some nicer features, in that if can easily take a balanced phantom powered mic, which will solve some of my cabling nightmares when trying to use my condenser mic now.  (Briefly - cable into a preamp to power it, cable from there to mic input of BR-600 but that has to go via a bulky adapter to get into the 1/4" jack input - messy!  One xlr to xlr would be so much easier!).

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  1. Well done, Graham! Very nice melody. Sadly, I had to Google Boss BR-600. Where have I been?