Friday, 15 July 2016

About time - Pete Townshend Strat

Apologies for the sparsity of posting on here recently.  The EU Referendum took too much of my energies away in social media land, that and end of year college work, health issues... blah blah...

So back with some good news.  Pete Townshend has had a lot of custom signature guitars out before, Rickenbacker,  Gibson - twice electric with an SG and Les Paul and one acoustic .  In the Schecter line up there is still a PT model based on another signature model.  The bizzarre thing being is whilst many of these have been introduced in recent years since the late 80s Pete has himself pretty much exclusively used a Fender Strat.  So finally we actually get a release from Fender that is the closest to the guitar Pete has used for the last 25 plus years.

Based on the mark1 Eric Clapton strat it has Gold Lace Sensors that model featured but not seen on many Fenders for a number of years with Eric and others moving on to the Fender noiseless pickups.  It has the same soft v neck and the same control layout with a master TBX control and the mid boost introduced on the Eric Clapton strat.

However there are some major differences.  Where as the EC signature has a vintage vibrato that has been "blocked off" as Clapton never uses it but prefers the sound of a vibrato fitted strat, so a wooden block prevents it working as a vibrato.  Pete's however features a Fishman Power bridge giving him a Piezo acoustic type sound to use as well.  The additional control behind the bridge is the volume control for this addition.  Also with a functioning vibrato unit locking tuners are used as well. 

Really pleased for ages I've thought this should be the true current Pete Townshend signature model and I'm really pleased to see it in the range.

More info at Fender guitars.

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  1. Fascinating commentary but I wish he'd have played the damn thing to illustrate.