Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Price of books on Kindle

So ... a little rant.

I've had a Kindle for about 4 or 5 years now.  I like the convenience of it.  I can carry a whole bookshelf of books around with me, it's easy to read where ever etc.  My son uses one too - for him, he has dyslexia, the best thing is being able to alter fonts and spacing as it really helps him read.   Good old Amazon lured us all in and we shelled out for these things.  I've actually been considering an update to a newer one as I've not get a paper white etc. I've one of the original ones with the darker unlit screen.  But probably no more.

Increasingly I've noticed that prices of, particularly first edition hardbacks are increasing.  Now I accept some of that, access to it early etc.  But recently a new phenomenon ... Look at Bernard Cornwell's new Hardback, Warriors of the Storm, or Robert Galbraith's (JK Rowling) next book.  Yes... both are MORE expensive on Kindle.   But I'm not buying the book, only a licence to access it on certain devices, I can't resell it or pass it on to my descendants if I die as the licence is with me only.  Also how is an ebook more expensive to produce than a paper book?  It clearly isn't - so this is simply profitmongering.

I may go back to owning the books.  To be honest not something I'm adverse to - all my text books I buy in paper copy as I can't flip back forward in electronic form as easily or make scribbly notes in the margins that matter to me as easily.  I know others do, I've tried, but for me the process doesn't work.

PS - I just did some more quick research on this.  Basically over the last year publishers have been re-negotiating their content deals with Amazon, seems they were unhappy with the discount Amazon was applying to e-books and have insisted that they now set the price.  This is in line of something an author recently told me when I questioned the price of an e-book release of theirs.  Interestingly though I wonder how much they will see people now dissuaded from early purchase of books?  Back in the day when I bought real books I only rarely bought hardback first editions and I'm beginning to think similarly in this situation.  I'll at least wait for the paperback to come out ... hmmm... then WHSmith/Waterstones Buy one get one half price etc. deals look attractive.  I do wonder if publishers will over time lose out since remember if I buy a physical book I'm more likely to pass that on to someone rather than simply recommend and therefore they sell even less...   hmmm


  1. I hadn't noticed that price increase in kindle books, although I do tend to price shop and often buy used books if they are the best price point. That's just ridiculous to charge for more than a physical copy.

  2. I've been noticing the same phenomenon Graham. AND I've been buying books in print again (I love my ereaders but I also love the look and feel of real books).

    I so get this. I understand it but I don't have to like it.