Saturday, 16 May 2015

Small World

I was contacted the other day by someone who has commented on my blogs in the past.  They sent an email having read my post about the Rochester Sweeps Festival.They said something along the lines of "Hi.  We saw the same band in the same pub".  Now this person is just a wanderer in the blogsphere who was looking for people to talk about sobriety with.  They found my other blog then came over to here and found that post then emailed me...   what are the odds?  How many billion people are on the internet at any time?  How many blogs could they have found to read etc? 

The email exchange got more bizarre when we realised that we'd actually swapped seats at one point in the event and remember each others party!  Cue that music from the twilight zone.  There's a gag in here about "in all the bars in all the world..." etc.  or should that be "in all the blogs in all the internet..." 

Whole thing made me feel really connected with the whole world so much more as well.

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