Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Ain't technology smart

I got on the train to work this morning as normal.  I then fished into my backpack for the my Kindle to carry on reading my book and ... darn!  I'd left it at home.  However I have the Kindle reader on my phone so I fished it out and selected the book I'm reading.  Now the Kindle I have only has wi-fi not a phone service enabled one.  But I'd last used it at home with the wi-fi connected so not only did my phone download the book but open it at the right page for me to continue reading!   How flipping smart is that!

I still prefer reading the Kindle itself just from size of screen etc. but it was just such a cool thing that got me out of a jam.  

I had another one on Friday - I'd turned up to a meeting where I was chairman.  I had printed out previous minutes, agenda but there was a slot for "chairman's report" which I'd written earlier in the week and sent to the secretary.  I'd forgotten to bring it.  No problem, find the email to the secretary, open the attachment... damn it couldn't as my phone won't read rich text files (I send it like that to him as he is a mac user and it is easier for him to use).   Hmm... I then remembered that I have enable Office 365 to open docs in my dropbox on the web.  So...  upload the file to dropbox and open it via the Dropbox app.  Viola I could read it.  You'd think as ostensibly someone who is a well qualified IT professional this stuff shouldn't make gaze in wonder at it as it works it magic and I should just nod wisely about it all but... frankly I'm still bloody impressed and at times even amazed! 


  1. Well, you warned me, but it wasn't easy. I took the blow right to my solar plexus.

    I, too, am amazed by technology. I have a powerful computer in my pocket. I tell my daughters that I remember when computers first came into our homes. I try to dazzle them but they don't care. How could they? They're not old enough to be dazzled by technology the way we are.

  2. I remember the first 32 bit computer I used until then 16-bit had been the tops... Then we got a Vax at work - built a new computer room for it to sit in too...
    Some years later I travelled to Nice to test drive the 64 bit computer - we were gobsmacked at the speed improvements. We could have 1 Gb of memory and load most of the database into that! We went back to the office... and strengthened the computer room floor and upgraded the a/c! Now my phone and laptop have as much power!

  3. We've moved on a lot in the last 25 years. I can remember we all got excited at work when we had a computer between about 40 of us.