Friday, 19 December 2014

Review of the year...

It's been a bit traditional on the blog here to post a review of the year over the years I've been talking to myself you good folks on here.

So 2014?

Gig of the year.  Not done that many these days as I'm more cash strapped than I used to be and with my son living away from home I don't go with him to gigs like I used to.  Anyway from those I did see it would have to be Show Of Hands at Tunbridge Wells.  Super stuff, great playing and singing and the sound was excellent throughout.  Close second were Bellowhead.

CD of the year.  Now here was a year with a few big names releasing... but sadly I thought Elbow, Coldplay and esp U2 all missed the mark a degree (Elbow) or several (Coldplay) or totally (U2).  But there were so many great things out.  Blair Dunlop, Bellowhead, Uriah Heep... etc.

Hmm... So I'm going to award three this year.

1. Rock - Uriah Heep The Outsider.  Just a thunderously brilliant album as though losing Trevor Bolder seemed to inspire them to greater things as a tribute to him.

2. Mainstream - David Gray - The Mutineers.  David Gray's best album since White Ladder quiet simply brilliant.

3. Folk - Hmm... still torn with this category.  I'll cheat the CD release by False Lights is Feb and I think that'll win them next years award.   So... Bellowhead for Revival - probably their best to date.

Read of the year... The Farm by Tom Rob Smith - not a pleasant read in some respects the subject matter throughout is challenging but well written and with great twists.  Thoroughly recommended


  1. Have a great Christmas, Graham, and a brilliant 2015! x

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Your kids are lucky to have you for a dad.