Thursday, 25 September 2014

New project....

So my birthday is fast approaching... 52 before you ask...

Mrs F graciously offered to buy me a guitar kit again!  So following on from my Tele Build a while back I've ordered a Strat shaped 12 string ... yes you did just read that right.  I don't have an electric 12 string and this is a cheap and fun way to get one into the collection.

So the kit has everything you need - including a set of strings and a cable, both of iffy quality frankly!  I've ordered some finishing kits from Wudtone who's product I used on the Tele.  I've decided to used their neck finishing kit too this time since because the Danish Oil on the Tele neck was ok but I was so impressed with the body finish from Wudtone I thought I'd go for the neck kit too.

What I plan to do is not as complicated as the Tele build which is you remember I updated the pickups and ultimately the bridge as well, with this one I was going to build it as is... However I've spent an hour or so exploring some electrical options.  So I do plan a couple of electrical mods.

Firstly the wiring has no tone on the bridge pickup, standard strat, now my Squier is fitted with USA Standard electrics from the mid 90s with a TBX control on the middle and bridge.  Honestly the TBX added treble I don't get, it isn't needed so rarely use it but the ability to adjust (tame) the bridge pickup I've found indispensible.  So I plan to get the tone control into the circuit in a similar way... again I'll probably go for middle and bridge combined.  I've looked into the "magic seven" wiring too.  This is what Fender themselves offer on Strats with all single coils and fitted with the S1 switching system, which is a clever little button in the tip of the vol control, very discrete.  Now I don't think I'll splash out on new pots etc so I'm likely to just add a small switch somewhere on the scratchplate.  Essentially the "magic seven" adds just two sounds impossible to get on a standard strat namely; all three pickups on together and the bridge and neck on together.  I'll explain my choice of how I do this when I work on it all.

So... await some updates in the coming weeks.  I think the set up of a 12 string might test my patience just a little! 


  1. I've always been deathly afraid to touch a 12-string. I've imagined you can spend days trying to tune it.

  2. I'm excited to read (and see pics, I hope) of this latest project.

  3. This indeed sounds interesting.