Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Rochester Music Cafe - Love Songs

I was part of the Rochester Music Cafe - Love Songs night.

The cafe is an idea for a "community" based music group.  An eclectic mix of people from solo singer songwriters, solo singers etc. etc.

I was asked to join by my brother-in-law who has been involved as they were weirdly lacking electric guitarists - normally not a problem but they had drummers, bassists, keyboard players and singers galore but no one who can widdle on a 6 string.

The format is a one or two numbers from each singer.  I was in the "band section" which was new for this set up they've never had a full blown group play like this.  We did BonJovi's I'll Be There For You - we were ok - apart from yours truly hitting the wrong intro chord! Way to go!  Also a trio did one of my old numbers - Just Let Me Love You Tonight.

Actually it was good to get out and play with others - it stretches me and makes me listen more.

One funny story I must share was the drummer commenting on my song - "I was trying to find a pattern to lift it up a bit.  I mean it's a love song but you have quiet a melancholy voice."  I just found that funny but also probably an astute observation.

Some of the singers were really impressive.  Shame many used backing tracks.  I think my brother-in-law has an evil plan for band domination that we become the "house band" and the singers rotate through with us playing the backing - I'd be up for that, again the different styles that'll demand will be an interesting proposition.

One point though.  I'm going to have to change my amp - now the Hughes and Kettner Statesman is a great sounding amp.  But at 60w it is a bit too much frankly even in a setting like that I can't push it.  Also it is too bloody heavy for my back to cart about!  It has forced me to think - I'm considering something like the Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister 36 now.  Greater flexibility in terms of better for home use with the reducing power soak option and speaker emulated out.  36W I think will be ample for the situations I play in like the Cafe.  Also you can program in settings and recall them if you use a midi pedal which sounds really useful if this house band thing comes off rather than fiddling with a load of resetting sounds in between numbers.  You can get a 1x12 combo which will be more portable and I might add an additional 1x12 cab for live use maybe...   watch this space I'll talk about this more if I do decide to make the purchase.


  1. Q: What do you call a guy that hangs around with musicians?
    A: A drummer.

    1. Boom boom tsh ... Hang on we need a drummer for that

  2. So you were able to sing one of your songs? Is that correct? Because I think you should be part of the rotation. If you're asking.

    1. Correct. I could claim but you know it's not that important.

  3. Sounds like a positive development in the making!