Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Out bid


I got right back into Jimi Hendrix after watching that documentary I blogged about the other week.  So I have a Strat (my venerable old 1962 JV series Squier which is over 30 years old now) but seeing Jimi at the Isle Of Wight with the Flying Vee got me slight Vee obsessed for a few days.

I ended up searching for a viable "copy" option.  I came across the Vintage V60 - which is an excellent take on the Vee but with an interesting twist.  See the photo below.  Note that the bottom bout is a bit shorter, similar to the Randy Rhodes signature model that has spawned many modern copies. Also note the little lump to help it stay on your leg - actually that reminds me a bit of the Burns Flyte.  However it still retains very classic hardware set up.  I've seen variants of this model (black V60) as low as £135 - which strikes me as a bargain real bargain. My Vintage acoustics are both super instruments.

However fatally whilst trawling on eBay I came across a Graham Oliver version (the photo below) which is more like a '67 than a '57 and has better woods used, i.e. all mahogany.  It had a little crack in the finish so was a second from the importers.  So I bid.  And to within about 5 mins I was the winning bid!  Luckily I was outbid - to be honest I DON'T need another guitar and it was a frivolous few minutes and a warning to you all be careful when you see a bargain and think "I'll stick in a silly bid"... you might just end up winning the thing!

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  1. I've done that on eBay, bid on something then immediately hoped someone would outbid me.