Saturday, 19 March 2011

What is it all about?

You know the happenings of the past few days make you stop and think... well me anyway.

Japan - I can't begin to describe all that, how utterly awful and how it shows us that with all our technology etc. nature will have her own way. The nuclear thing is dreadful but sadly a consequence - build for a scale 8 earthquake and a 6m wave... not a 9 quake and a 7m wave. But all those people now freezing, no food, no heat etc. 21st century living wiped away in an instant.

Closer to home. My daughter has been nominated for captain of her swimming team - how cool. I'm not sure about the working away from home still - it is better than the stupid commute but I really miss being home and there is so much hassle in the organising of silly things when you are not about in the week - little domestic admin etc. it is a pain.

I found out that a guy who was working on the programme that I'm on committed suicide last year because of the stress of work. How so sad! It is just a flipping job.

As I've said previously this is teaching me a lot about what is important in the world for me.


  1. Working away from home is not for everyone. I think that some people enjoy it but... I find them disengaged anyways. But hey.. we're all different. I suppose that, you'll do it until you just can't anymore and that will be that! Give it a chance. You have your head on straight and hopefully you'll be able to find some sort of balance. :)

    Congratulations to your daughter! That is wonderful, exciting news. You must be very proud. :)

    I feel so badly for everyone in Japan! How horrible. I can't even imagine what they are going through right now. They are incredible people though. Did you know that there has been no looting? How unheard of is *that* in today's world!! Here in North America, we'd be smashing windows and turning over cars in order to steal everything we could.
    My thoughts and prayers are with them.


  2. Makes you think. Makes you grateful, very grateful.

    Well done to your daughter.

    Hope you can keep the stress of work at bay.

  3. Husband spent many years latterly working away and it was no fun. Even in the time at home it stressful because you're trying to fit everything in. but it's work and money so until something better comes along ... or retirement!