Friday, 29 October 2010

Bells catalogue

From good old FlatEric...

Who remembers the Bells catalogue? As a kid I used to send off for these and wear them out thumbing through them :-)

Page 24 - look at the bottom right hand corner - that was the first electric guitar I ever owned! My Mum and Dad helped me buy it when I was 12.

Les Paul gold top deluxe for £239 anyone!! Or a Black Custom - like mine at the top of the picture here... yours for £389!!! Although you had to pay £18.90 for a hard case!



  1. Incredible and the difference between the budget axes and the heavy hitters. My first electric was a Satellite strat-a-like. Then a Vox standard 24. A great guitar which I used live for yonks..a killer piece of kit..Paid £90 for it in 83

  2. We were never allowed a bells catalogue because mum said it would cause too many ding-dongs

    All the best, Boonie

  3. A great little catalogue... I read them for hours.. still love guitars.. good to see those pages again... Leo